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First Written June 13, 2015. Updated July 26, 2017

They say you cannot teach people to do what you cannot do yourself, that experience is the best teacher. We know medical technology, hospitals, patient services, medical equipment and how it feels to live, function and survive for 24 to 48 hours at a time in a hospital environment crammed with people, equipment and furniture. And just how it should feel and operate. Safely and efficiently, with economical and timely outcomes.


That makes us the best insiders in designing healthcare facilities for efficient, safe, cost effective and proud-to-be-there type experience for staff and patients.

With a combined skill bank of seasoned and knowledgeable architects, structural engineers, biomedical engineers, clinical services managers, hospital planners and interior designers, MedEquip’s formidable team is capable of taking on any project anywhere to deliver complete state-of-the-art clinical diagnostic and treatment facilities.

We work cross borders, deliver supplies far and wide, and support remote missions for NGOs, governments and public private investors.

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