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Hospital Digital PACS Technology

Mediquip Kenya hospital digital patient and imaging share technology installation

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Digital Technology for Hospitals

Posted in Medequip Kenya Healthcare Projects

Medequip Kenya digital radiology network sharing PACS systemsMedEquip Kenya is in forefront in promoting latest hospital and healthcare management technology not only in diagnostic and interventional therapies, but also in hospital data storage, data sharing, transmittal and security. By promoting use of newest technology to our healthcare project customers, we help speedup not only diagnostic information sharing but also the lead time for making important therapeutic, surgical and other patient management decisions. Centralized and secure data access networks save healthcare personnel time and stress, saves operational budgets and improves patient outcomes.

With technology having such huge impact on manageability and productivity of healthcare projects or hospitals, investors just have to remember that older technology has a lot more disadvantages than modern digitized options. Examples about older technology:

  • It is larger, heavier and requires lots more square footage
  • A lot slower in operation and output
  • Requires more electric and manual energy
  • Less productive
  • More expensive to repair and maintain
  • Not too compatible and interoperable
  • Less upgradable to latest technology
  • Limited or no share point accessibility

When designing or upgrading healthcare facilities, it is imperative for the hospital management to employ qualified and capable hospital technology analysts to advise on best economics technological infrastructure. The best choice technology for a hospital must conform with digital and hyper-converged infrastructure that offers open connectivity, scalability and upgradability for best hospital productivity and economics.

MedeEquip Kenya offers health providers the following facility evaluation assistance to help them determine infrastructure and technology efficiency needs and upgrades:

Request free hospital Iinfrastructure evaluation from MedEquip for:

  • Building Layout Analysis
  • Patent Care Flow Analysis
  • Hospital Communication Infrastructure
  • Hospital IT Infrastructure
  • Radiological Processing Assessment
  • Hospital Equipment Economics & Usability
  • Medical Gases Supply & Management Evaluation
  • Facility Upgradability Report
  • Quantity Survey Report

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