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Hospital Radiology PACS System


MedEquip specialized digital radiology equipment includes installation of robust Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS) and network that allows physicians and surgeons to share all diagnostic imaging records from hospital workstations and personal phones or tablets. The PACS system connects and accesses images from MRI, CT scanners and all digital imaging diagnostic machines in the hospital.

The picture arching and sharing system eliminates manual processing of cassets and film, carrying about and storing x-ray films on shelves and drawers.

More Advantages of MedEquip PACS Systems

  • Economy high frequency units with 2-year warranty and onsite technical support
  • Digital compact radiology equipment with low running costs
  • Portable and fixed units with very light framework
  • Computerized DR digital upload with independent server storage
  • Instant digital images, no film or CR processing
  • Instant bedside and operating theater image and rediologist reports access
  • Optional internet secure access on any phone or tablet
  • Option to share hospital PACS images with other hospitals or doctor's clinics on authorized network access

Request MedEquip for more information about budgeting for small, medium and large hospital. Costs include installation and commissioning.

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